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Human Growth Hormone Side Effects

Human growth Hormone (HGH) treatment has proved to be a good remedy for old age related problems, people born with certain deficiencies, and sports persons. However, it would be wrong to believe that HGH treatment comes with zero side effects. Although it is known to improve the cell growth in the body, this treatment also can be a cause to other health related worries.

HGH side effects can vary from person to person. While for some, it may be joint ache or fluid retention only, but in others, it can also be as serious as high blood pressure, and growth in cartilage etc. The hormones balance is brought about by the use of HGH for a limited period only. The medicinal uses of HGH are a cause of minor health problems like joint ache, swelling, and fluid retention.

Any treatment can do more wrong than good if not done properly. Similarly, if the HGH brands is not taken in the right quantity, it can be a risky affair. Another reason for HGH treatment going wrong is taking medicines without proper advice from a Doctor. Avoid HGH medicines suggested by friends or others and not by doctor.

The more serious side effects results from taking HGH injections. It can be a cause of expansion of heart, kidneys or can invite diabetes, low sugar, muscles inflexibility, high blood pressure, tiredness, improper sleep etc. This can also happen when HGH supplements are taken.

HGH treatment can be useful for retaining youth and a better body. However, don’t forget to take its side effects in consideration. Hence, it would be wiser to take the advice of a qualified medical practitioner before going for any HGH medicines. This will help in reducing the negative effects of the medicines. In case mid-way of the treatment, you notice any side effects, inform the doctor immediately instead of waiting till the side effect gets worse.

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