Human Growth Hormone HGH

Human Growth Hormone HGH Deficiency

A disorder known as Growth Hormone (GH) deficiency affects the pituitary gland (also called as master gland) located at the bottom of brain that generates growth and other hormones. If the master gland falls short of adequate growth hormone production, growth is adversely affected.

Growth hormone is essential for children to grow normally. The role of the growth hormone in adults is to maintaining the necessary levels of body fat, muscle and bone. Inadequate or no growth hormone in adults leads to emotional problems like tiredness and lack of motivation, and sometimes affects cholesterol level as well.

Deficiency in growth hormone occurs due to inadequate or absence of secretion of growth hormone. The conditions responsible for this may either be congenital which occurs from birth or acquired which results after birth. The cause of congenital growth hormone deficiency could be due to an abnormal pituitary gland or another syndrome altogether.

Problems owing to deficiency in HGH can vary for different ages. Children are vulnerable to the major symptoms of HGH deficiency, which are short stature, growth failure and late puberty. Adult cases prove more elusive in detection of the deficiency effects, which can include lack of bone mass, strength, and energy, apart from higher cardiovascular risk. There are several reasons why the hormone is crucial for older individuals. A prominent feature is the slowdown in the process of aging.

When the growth hormone is excessive in children, gigantism or tall stature is probable. However in adults, HGH in high levels can cause swelling of soft tissues, high BP, excessive hair growth, , higher inclination to sweating and abnormally large hands, feet and face.

Growth hormone deficiency is treated with recognition of the social, psychological and educational implications that patients are likely to encounter. It is best that a multidisciplinary team of health professionals carries out a thorough evaluation of intelligence, academic achievement and general psychological status. Therapy for HGH replacement is an option for adults and children with scientific evidence of GH deficiency.

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