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Dangers Of Human Growth Hormone

The popularity of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) as a supplement for boosting body mass and strength is on a rise. However, any shortcut solutions in this respect involve natural hazards and risks that are deliberately not mentioned by the makers of HGH products.

Nearly every instance of dangers linked to Human Growth Hormone treatments refers to HGH in the injectable form. In this HGH therapy, unnaturally high amounts of actual Human Growth Hormones are directly injected into the body. Injectable HGH is known to lead to a variety of side effects and risks.

These may include stiff joints, joint swelling, headaches and even diabetes, among others. Injectable HGH increases the HGH level in the body through injections. Problems can occur due to HGH levels in the body already being high enough causing a halt or slowdown in the natural production of the body’s HGH. The result is the body’s dependence on HGH injections.

The more predictable risk is overgrowth of certain bones. On completion of normal growth when HGH levels are still high, bones may undergo abnormal growth, especially in the face, resulting in coarse prominent features. Gradually, muscle can weaken and metabolic complications can follow with diabetes and high blood pressure.

High HGH levels behind heart problems are well known. Another common risk of human growth hormone is nerve damage. The likelihood of these and other side effect risks is raised with the size of the doses.

It is advisable to steer clear of Human Growth Hormone risks as the same advantages of the hormone can be achieved with alternative treatments. Factors like sleep, exercise and specific food and natural supplements increase the HGH secretion from the pituitary gland. Due to this natural and regulated secretion by the body, there is no possibility of reaching levels high enough to create side effects.

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